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Immigration to Canada

Immigration to Canada

According to Canadian immigration law, only Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada have the right to remain and live in Canada permanently.

Immigration is a process that allows an unborn person and whose parents are not Canadians to live permanently in Canada. A person who has immigrated to Canada becomes a permanent resident of the country. After three years of residence in the country, a permanent resident can apply for citizenship and become a Canadian citizen.

Canada is one of the few countries in the world that actively invites and receives new immigrants, and then encourages them to accept citizenship. Throughout the world, Canada is known as a rich and strong country that is respected for its stability, peace and democratic principles. With its vast expanses, relatively small population and rich natural resources, Canada has in recent years been at the forefront of the UN’s research, named the best in the world for life. That is why immigrants from all over the world are so eager to come to Canada.

The government plans to permanently accept more immigrants, so that 325,000 immigrants will come to Canada every year in five years. This would mean an annual increase in the number of immigrants arriving by 100,000. The level of immigration to Canada is considered to be one of the highest in the world. Unlike the United States and other countries, Canada does not have a quota based on nationality or occupation. Canada needs more immigrants than it does now. Statistics Canada’s 2014 report shows that population growth is declining.

Under the Immigration Act, all professions are now permitted, such as doctors, dentists, teachers, nurses, lawyers, managers and other professional or technical specialties. Cohabitants in a common-law marriage can imigraize on a par with married persons.

WE CAN MAKE THE DETAILS OF THE RIGHT, and file paperwork as soon as possible, as under Canada’s immigration law, the Minister of Immigration and Citizenship of Canada can change the pass rate for an independent immigration category at any time, without prior notice. There is information from the Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship that in the near future immigration requirements will be increased.

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