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Terms and stages of paperwork

One of the requirements of the law is the conditions to apply for all visas only to the Canadian Embassies where the applicants live.This means that the choice of the embassy with the shortest review period for the application is no longer possible. Applicants must submit applications to the embassies of Moscow, Kiev, Warsaw or Ankara, according to the country in which they live.

1. After signing an immigration contract with us and paying the contract-related amount, we send immigration application forms and instructions for collecting documents. Practice shows that it takes customers one to two weeks to get information. Having received the forms completed in the draft, we prepare a clean version of the statements in English and send them to the client for signature. The applicant must also provide written proof of the level of language proficiency (IELTS exam results) on the basis of which the staff member can award the relevant points. Immigration officers no longer assess their language proficiency, nor will they assess the ability of applicants to adapt in the country. Another requirement is the need to make a diploma assessment in one of the Canadian organizations appointed by the Embassy and collect all the documents on the embassy list.

2. A package of applications and all documents is sent to an immigration centre in Canada. In about a month, we will receive an email with a assigned file number. In the Department of Visas and Immigration, the file is checked for compliance with the requirements, the applicant has experience in the profession, included in the list of professions, completeness, availability of payment for consideration of the application. If this part is fine, the file is assigned a number, and the applicant is sent a letter notifying the case. If there is a shortage of documents, information or no payment, the documents are returned to the applicant without consideration.

3. At the next stage, the case is already considered in the embassy, along with documents that the applicant needs to provide on the list of the embassy.The Embassy considers the compliance of the declared profession with the requirements, availability of seniority and availability of funds for the first period of residence in Canada, as well as the evaluation of the questionnaire on separate criteria.

4. The basis of the review procedure is the definition of the possibility of making a positive decision. At the same time, the immigration officer calculates the points received for separate criteria, and compares the amount with the passing minimum. After that, he either makes a positive decision (when dialing this minimum) or makes a negative decision (in case of a shortage). At the same time, the employee has the right to issue a visa if the amount of points is below the passing minimum (and also refuse if it is scored). In such cases, he must obtain the consent of a senior officer.

5.Interviews can be scheduled in 6-8 months from the date of receipt of the package by the embassy. This difference in timing is due to different processing times at Canadian embassies in different countries. The interview is not conducted in order to assess the language or identify the profession. It is appointed to clarify the essence of the information provided, to confirm and verify the identity of the applicants or the necessary clarifications. As a result of the evaluation, a letter is sent to the applicant with a positive decision on the application for immigration to Canada or with a refusal to explain the reasons.

6. The next step is for the Canadian immigration authorities to decide whether to allow immigrants into the country. The Embassy and relevant authorities check the health of the applicants, the veracity of the documents and information provided, the absence of a criminal record and a threat to Canada’s security. After making a positive decision on the selection criteria, the immigration officer sends the applicant a referral and forms for medical examination for all family members. Children from previous marriages who do not travel to Canada must also be examined. Medical examination is carried out by specially certified doctors in major cities (for example, in Central Asia it is Almaty and Tashkent). Checking the absence of a criminal past is based on certificates from the Interior Ministry, issued at the applicant’s place of residence. To confirm the truth of the diplomas submitted, the embassy sends requests to universities, and the length of service is directly checked at the enterprises specified in the work certificates and statements. At the same time, The security services of Canada are checking the past applicants in order to prevent persons connected with drug trafficking, terrorism and espionage. Sometimes applicants are invited for security interviews.

7.The client will receive an official letter stating that his case at the embassy is over and he can obtain permanent residence visas in Canada. If all inspections are completed successfully, the Embassy informs that the case is over and it is ready to issue a visa for permanent residence. To obtain a visa, applicants pay the embassy a fee for the right to enter Canada for permanent residence and submit a statement from their account in the Canadian bank about the presence of a settlement fund. Only at this point can you start selling property, raising funds, settlements with the state (OVIR, dismissal, etc.), buying tickets, which takes customers on average one to four months. The validity of the visa obtained at the embassy is determined by the calendar year from the date of the medical examination.

Embassies review the applications in accordance with their workload. The timing of the review can be seen on the official website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

All of these terms can be reduced if the client is well organized and the time frame for his own preparation and expulsion of his documentation to the immigration representative is shortened.

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