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Why to Canada

So, you have decided to emigrate from the country in which you live. There are many motivations for emigration: high crime, a difficult economic situation, a polluted habitat, and simply the inability to realize yourself and the desire to try their hand elsewhere.

Immigration to Canada has again become possible and affordable.

Canada gives you the opportunity to get into an amazing country that has opened its doors wide for immigration.

You decided to imigra in Canada. Why is immigration to Canada preferable to immigration to other countries?

1. Canada is one of the few countries in the world that makes it easy to obtain a residence permit for people who do not have close relatives in Canada, but are highly qualified professionals or experienced businessmen. In particular, in order to obtain an immigrant visa to the U.S., you must either have close relatives living in the U.S. who have U.S. citizenship or a residence permit, or show that you are harassed in your home country and you are a refugee. In Canada, in addition to these opportunities, you can also enter the “independent immigrant” class if you have a good education and/or good professional skills.

2. With permanent resident status in Canada, you can apply for Canadian citizenship after 4 years. Usually the process of obtaining citizenship takes from six months to 10 months. For comparison, to obtain U.S. citizenship, you must reside in the U.S. with a residence permit for more than 5 years. In many other economically developed countries, the period of residence in the country sufficient to apply for citizenship exceeds 7-8 years.

3. Canada grants dual citizenship. You do not lose your current citizenship, and acquire Canadian citizenship. For example, you are a Russian citizen and imigrate to Canada. Once you have obtained permanent resident status in Canada, you are free to travel to Russia without a visa and return to Canada without a visa. After three years of living in Canada, you are granted Canadian citizenship. You can return to Russia, continue to live and work there, having the opportunity to come to Canada at any time, and continue to live here, taking advantage of all the benefits of its inhabitants.

4. Once you have Canadian citizenship, you will have a Canadian passport that will allow you to travel without a visa to most of the world.

5. Canada is one of the most economically developed countries in the world. Canada has the world’s fourth gross income with a population of only 30 million, making it the first country in the world to generate gross per capita income.

6. Canada has a well-functioning social security system. All Canadians who were legally resident of Canada received free health care and children received free education. Canada provides high pensions and benefits to pensioners and the disabled. In Canada, there is an effective system of granting state benefits to people who are temporarily without means of subsistence (welfare). In addition, thanks to numerous budget subsidies, many facilities and social programs are available to almost all Canadians (such as sports sections for children, a variety of sports facilities, cultural events, etc.)

7. Canada has one of the lowest crime rates in the world, especially in terms of crimes against health and human life. The general high population culture and numerous, well-equipped and trained police, which works extremely effectively, allow you to feel at all times almost anywhere completely safe.

8. Pure ecology. Thanks to the careful attitude of Canadians to nature, as well as the care of the state, the habitat can serve as a model for other countries. Even in such a large metropolis as Toronto, where life does not subside at night, and which is one of the most industrialized cities in the world, you can easily hide from civilization in one of the many parks or just turn off the busy highway on a secondary street. On squirrels galloping in unimaginable numbers on trees in front of houses, and raccoons walking slowly along the city highways, no one pays attention, because it is just a part of the urban landscape. Another indicator is the cleanliness of reservoirs. Legends tell about a fish in Canada, and the most amazing thing about them is that all this is true.

9. Canada is one of the few countries where being an immigrant does not mean being a second-class person. If you have to assimilate after immigration in most countries of the world, you don’t need to do so in Canada. There are a lot of immigrants in the first or second generation among Canadians. Canadians are used to living in a state of constant immigrants – only in the last few years, after the adoption of the new immigration policy, the country annually accepts more than 250,000 people. Canadians know that immigrants generally have good education and professional skills, they are successful in doing business, and their arrival is a boon to Canada, which ultimately is a boon for indigenous Canadians themselves. They are very friendly and tolerant, especially in terms of race and ethnic relations, and moreover, consider multicultural culture one of their national riches.

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