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Immigration to Canada – refugee

According to the UN, refugees to Canada are accepted according to the following criteria:


– Racial

– Religious

– National

– Belonging to special social groups (including women suffering from persecution of former spouses or cohabitants, as well as sexual minorities).

Under one or more of these criteria, the applicant must prove that his health and life are in danger in his country of nationality or in his country of residence, and that the authorities cannot protect him from the situation.

The applicant may initiate such a case at the Canadian border, at the airport or at the land crossing by contacting the immigration representative with the above reasons. The immigration representative in this case is obliged to accept the application, to collect the passport on the receipt and to issue a set of documents that the applicant must fill out and send to the Canadian Refugee Commission.

If the applicant chooses to employ a qualified lawyer, he must hand over a set of documents to him for processing and preparing a subsequent defence at the refugee commission hearings. The applicant has the right to reside in Canada for the entire period from the time of crossing the border until the decision of the refugee commission is received. Practically, this period is from 1 to 3 months. An applicant with refugee status is entitled to social assistance, employment and health insurance in Canada for the duration of his or her employment.

Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to assist you in obtaining visas to come to the Canadian border. However, at your request at Toronto Airport, you may be met by our representative. Then one of our lawyers will lead your refugee case. will help with the preparation of documentation and will protect you at the court hearing.

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