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The questionnaire – THE WORLD OF THE WORLD!

Our company is located in Toronto, Canada’s largest metropolis, the capital of Ontario, on the shores of Lake Ontario. Our firm includes Canadian Immigration Experts and members of the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants (CSIC) who have been working on immigration to Canada for 12 years. Our clients are specialists, entrepreneurs, investors, artists and athletes.

Received visas and came permanently to Canada the wives and husbands of Canadian citizens and their children.

New Canadians sponsored their parents, who also came to Canada, reunited with their children, obtained all the rights of permanent residents of Canada and became Canadian citizens.

Canadian grandparents sponsored their grandchildren, now everyone lives nearby and helps each other.

Aunts and uncles helped their nephews come to Canada, who then summoned their parents and brought their wives and husbands to Canada, who also sponsored and brought their parents to Canada.  So over time, the whole family, relatives and friends moved to Canada.

How the immigration process is going and what is the work of the immigration representative

1) The immigration process of applying for permanent residence in Canada is not simple. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship of Canada has introduced many rules, procedures and regulations that often change. In such circumstances, in order to understand the full range of requirements for the applicant, to fill out applications in English, to collect documentation, not only a perfect knowledge of English is required, but also requires that the applicant follow all changes in the procedure made by the Ministry. The best way to do this for him is a qualified specialist, an immigration representative. The immigration counselor kind of takes your hand and leads through the labyrinthine immigration corridors, to the goal, the shortest way.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship of Canada in its instructions notices that you can issue your documents, but will not help you to fill out all applications correctly, will not help to make all the full and necessary information, and will not check how you collected the documents for the opening of the immigration case. But if you make mistakes in your applications, do not file the necessary document, do not specify the data that the embassy expects from the applicant, it will simply return all the documents and will not accept the case, or close it at all.  The reason will be – you are not qualified even to understand the requirements of the embassy.

The immigration consultant protects the interests of his client, he has all the information about the requirements of the embassy and changes in them, which allows him to protect his client and act in his favor. We are with you and on your side.

2) An experienced consultant will be able to immediately evaluate all the client’s data at the first stage of the process, help to choose the right category of immigration and assess the probability of obtaining a visa for each of the categories.

3) If the client has a problem during the process of applying for immigration to Canada, the assistance of the consultant will be irreplaceable. In this case, we provide unlimited support and help.

4) The inability to fill out applications and provide the necessary document can lead not only to delay, but also to refusal of the application. The embassy’s delay or silence may be due to errors by both the client and the embassy itself. Finding out the reasons for the delay in the case very often solves the problem and promotes the whole process. The assistance of the immigration representative will help to speed up and ensure success in the consideration of the immigration case.

5) The consultant can prepare his client for an interview at the Canadian Embassy. Experience, practice, questions asked at interviews and answers are known, and there are methods of persuading the embassy to issue a positive decision in a particular case.

We apply for permanent ps anywhere in Canada.

Our help will save you time and effort, ensure that there are no errors in your statement and will maximize your chances of success.

If you want to use our immigration assistance to Canada and our preliminary package, we recommend that you fill out our questionnaire now. All the information in the questionnaire – strictly confidential and will not be known to anyone on the Internet. The questionnaire you have completed will give us the opportunity to evaluate the data and inform you of your opportunities and chances for success of the application for permanent residence in Canada. For the fullness of the information, we also recommend sending us your CV (CV) if it is available.

The assessment we will send you in one working day will be free; We also ask for a full description of your work responsibilities over the past 10 years.

If you send an incomplete questionnaire or do not indicate any working experience in the last 10 years, the evaluation will not be made.

Don’t forget to give your email return address – email – otherwise we won’t be able to send you a reply!

We will make a professional analysis of your qualifications in terms of Canadian immigration laws, in accordance with the selection criteria of the Canadian Immigration Service. If necessary, we will also evaluate your spouse’s or married partner’s data. If we determine that you meet immigration requirements, we will give advice on the type of visa you have the data to obtain.
The payment that our firm charges for professional assistance in issuing immigration documents to Canada for the main applicant and all members of his family is very reasonable and less than that of most other immigration professionals. 

We work quickly and efficiently. Great work experience and our extensive knowledge will work for your success!