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Immigration Costs

Immigration Costs

The cost of the firm’s services is determined by the specific situation of the applicant and the size of his family, and is paid in two or three parts. The price includes: qualified completion of all immigration questionnaires in English on a computer, verification of the completeness and correctness of documentation, correspondence and requests to the Canadian Embassy, ​​provision of materials for preparing for the IELTS  English exam  , if required , consultations in all matters of the immigration process, assistance in preparing letters of recommendation from work, opening a case at the embassy , ​​preparing a client for an interview, as well as analyzing the labor market in Canada by client’s profession. We conduct the client’s business up to obtaining immigrant visas and help with the settlement upon arrival of the family in Canada. An important service is assistance in finding work in Canada from the first days. Additionally, we can also make a translation of documents with notarization by order of the client.

Consular fees are paid at the time the case is filed with the embassy and amounts to 550 Canadian dollars per parent and 150 Canadian dollars per child. Visa fees are paid after the interview and only for parents and amount to 490 Canadian dollars for each adult family member. Passing a medical examination costs $ 100-150. In addition, each family member receives medical cards at the embassy.

Settlement Fund in Canada

After receiving a letter from the embassy confirming readiness to issue a visa, the applicant must show on the bank account an amount sufficient to provide for himself and his family in Canada at first. Currently, the amounts are:

Number of family members
$ 11824
$ 14,720
$ 18097
$ 21,971
$ 24,920
$ 28,105
$ 31,291

List of documents for immigration to Canada

You should submit the following documents to the embassy:

  1. Foreign passports (your passport, spouse (s) and children who are dependent on you)
  2. Birth certificates of all family members
  3. Certificate of marriage and / or divorce
  4. Diplomas, school certificates, other documents on education and qualifications
  5. Characteristics from your employers.
  6. Labor book
  7. Police / police certificates for all family members over 18 years of age. Inquiries must be submitted from all countries where you have lived for more than 6 months in the past 10 years.

Extra Services upon Arrival in Canada

Services upon arrival in Canada are ordered before arrival and include:

  • meeting at the Toronto airport by minibus
  • assistance in renting an apartment or house in Toronto
  • opening a bank account and financial advice
  • help with paperwork (SIN, OHIP)
  • registration of temporary medical insurance (at the request of the client)
  • help in finding English courses
  • assistance in buying a car and making cheap insurance
  • assistance in placing children in school / kindergarten
  • help in buying furniture and household appliances
  • assistance in buying real estate for one month
  • counseling on vocational guidance and job placement

You can order these services from us in full or in part for a moderate payment.

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