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Immigration to Canada – Immigration Consultant

The work of immigration consultants is regulated by the Canadian Board of Registration of Immigration Consultants (ICCRC). Many foreign consultants have lost the right to represent clients on the issue of immigration to Canada.

An immigration consultant and ICCRC member may be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. Orders from the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration of Canada regarding the work of paid immigration consultants have come into force. An immigration consultant who is a member of the ICCRC may be a paid consultant authorized to represent the applicant. All other consultants are not allowed to represent their clients before the Canadian Immigration Service.

For more information, visit the Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Ministry’s website.
Here you can check our state license: Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants > “Membership List” > L. Ivashkevych, Member No. R412335.

Applications for permanent residence, signed by a representative who is not a member of the ICCRC and does not meet the above requirements, will not be accepted by the Canadian Embassy.

Immigration clearance is a complex process. A positive outcome depends on many factors, including properly and competently filled immigration forms, convincing responses to interviews with immigration officials, and timely responses to correspondence and embassy requests. Professional consultants provide great and qualified assistance in all these matters by applying knowledge of Canada’s immigration law and Canada’s immigration instructions, which greatly increases the chances of obtaining visas for permanent or temporary residents of Canada.

The Embassy may not answer the phone calls of the applicant himself who wishes to know the reasons for the embassy’s delays or silence, but it is required to respond to a request from a certified immigration consultant, a member of the ICCRC authorized by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship of Canada. The speed and professionalism in the work avoid mistakes, loss of time and effort, and relieve the client of unnecessary disturbances and doubts in an uncertain situation, when the applicant does not receive any information from the embassy.

In the event of delays in the process, the consultant will request a case from the Department of Immigration Canada and determine the reason for the delay, which may be an error on the part of the embassy, loss of the document or letter. Embassies are overworked and can make mistakes leading to huge waste of time. The consultant will ask the embassy about the missing documentation and urgently finish the document to the embassy employee who is leading the client’s business. In many cases, the consultant can help speed up the entire process of reviewing his client’s case by significantly reducing the waiting time and finding out the reasons for the long silence on the part of the embassy. Correspondence with embassies can be between an average of 7 and 12 letters or faxes, which need to be answered urgently and take action on the substance of the issue, provide additional document or information

The immigration representative will help predict the expected actions of the embassy and prepare the client for developments regarding the client’s immigration case.

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