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Immigration information in quebec

Come to quebec!  Immigration to the Canadian French-speaking province of Canada is a very popular form of immigration to Canada, and many immigrants choose it as the fastest and easiest way to get immigration to Canada.

Thanks to a 1978 agreement with the Federal Government of Canada, the state was granted the right to an independent immigration policy to evaluate candidates for professional immigration in accordance with its own scoring system, job lists, and led education. As part of this treaty, the Government has opened immigration offices in the Canadian embassies of a number of countries. These offices independently, independently of the federal authorities, select potential immigrants and conduct interviews.

In the event of a successful interview with a representative of the immigration service of quebec, the applicant receives the Certificate of Selection of the Province of quebec, which is a document certifying the successful passage of the professional immigration process. After that, the applicant is left only to pass a medical commission and security check, which are administered by the federal authorities.

If you have studied French at school, you already have a good chance of this type of immigration: as practice shows, knowledge of French is not the main criterion in the selection process of immigrants, only basic language proficiency is sufficient for successful passage of professional immigration, which the applicant can improve during the preparation for the immigration interview. In addition, the French language exam for immigration to quebec is not required.

Professional immigration takes much less time than immigration under the federal program. It is also important that there are interesting programmes for newly arrived immigrants in the country. For example, on arrival you will be able to study French in special courses. Depending on your knowledge, the period of study is up to 10 months. Throughout your studies, you will be paid a subsistence allowance, which is a good financial support at the initial stage of adaptation.
The purpose of the immigration policy of the province, as well as the federal one, is to increase the population of quebec by attracting immigrants, most of whom must be in the Economic Class (be qualified professionals, investors, entrepreneurs, etc.) or the family class (wife, husband, children, parents, etc.).

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