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We have decided to move to Canada! What should I do?

Complete a preliminary questionnaire to assess your compliance with Canada’s immigration requirements. You can do this here on our page or call us on 1 (416) 481 3322, or send a message to

Do you guarantee the success of our immigration case?

We begin work on your immigration case only after a thorough analysis of the data of your preliminary questionnaire. If the assessment is positive, we are confident that your case will be successful and ready to start your immigration process. If the documents you provide are correct, you do not have a criminal history, dangerous to surrounding diseases, you speak English at a colloquial level or intend to improve its knowledge to meet the requirements of the Canadian Embassy, we will obtain your family immigrant visas to Canada and help you in Canada upon arrival.

How long does the design last?

The length of the immigration process before the interview is on average about 10 to 24 months and depends on the length of the embassy, its workload and the complexity of the case.

What documents should we give you for the immigration process?

Copies of birth, marriage and divorce certificates, copies of passports and work books, diplomas of graduation, various certificates.

Which consulate is being interviewed?

The interview should take place at the Canadian Embassy responsible for your region. For residents of Russia it is the Canadian Embassy in Moscow, for citizens of Ukraine – the Canadian Embassy in Kiev.

What is Canadian Permanent Resident’s visa?

This visa allows its owner to live and work throughout Canada. There is a certain set of privileges and obligations with the acquisition of such status. After 4 years of residence in the country, you can apply for Canadian citizenship.

Who can get such a visa?

Anyone who is able to score enough points according to the selection criteria set by the Government of Canada. Points are awarded for education, age, seniority and knowledge of Canadian public languages. Higher or secondary-special education and at least one year of work in the chosen specialty are the basic requirements for candidates. Education allows to recruit engineers of various directions, scientists, system analysts/programmers, accountants, doctors, teachers, technicians-electricians, turners, millers and many other specialists a high number of points and meet the criteria of selection.

I’ve heard that Canadian immigration law has been changed. What are the changes?

The new Canadian immigration law has simplified the criteria for selecting applicants for permanent residency in Canada. Significantly reduced the selection bar – the passing score today is only 67 points, and in the list of professions for selection – 50 professions.

Do I have to move into the place in Canada that I pointed out at the beginning of the design?

No, it’s not required. You can live in any city in Canada.

Will my status as a permanent resident of Canada allow me to get a job in the United States?

Residents of Canada must obtain a work permit in the United States. Canadian citizens do not need to obtain a visa to enter the U.S. and can work in the U.S. under the terms of a treaty between the countries.

What is the labour market in Canada?

Professionals, especially in the areas of high technology, finance and technology, can find a suitable position. For orientation, it makes sense to see the job market on the relevant Internet pages:

What gives me permanent resident status in Canada?

Once you have obtained an immigrant visa, you will be granted permanent resident status in Canada and will have all the rights of a Canadian citizen except the right to vote.

Once I have been granted permanent resident status in Canada, can I live in the place I wish to live in Canada, or are there any restrictions on that?

Your future status allows you to choose any residence in Canada without any restrictions. The same goes for work – you can get a job whoever you want and where you want.

Which city in Canada is better to go to live after receiving an immigrant visa?

In our opinion, the most favorable city is Toronto. It is the most economically developed city in Canada, so it is easier to get a job here. Having a large Russian-speaking community will make it easy for you to adapt to a new place. Many people choose to live in the fast-growing province of Alberta (Calgary) and British Columbia (Vancouver).

Do I need to apply for a driver’s license in Canada or am I simply being exchanged for my current Canadian license?

In Ontario (where most Russian-speaking immigrants usually travel), your driver’s license is not exchanged. You can use it for three months, after which you need to pass a knowledge of the rules of street traffic on the computer and a driving test to obtain a Canadian driver’s license.

What does family mean? Is it possible to consider my adult brother and wife’s mother to be members of my family?

Family is defined under Canadian law as a family consisting of a husband, wife, minor children under 22 and children over 22 years of age who are dependent parents. All other relatives (adult brother, wife’s mother, etc.) are not family members and must go through immigration process regardless of you.

What do I need to submit to confirm that I have money under the “business immigration” category?

Documents confirming the presence of money can be statements from the bank about the presence of money in your account, a certificate of real estate, which you own on the property with confirmation of its appraisal or market value, confirmation of the presence of shares of enterprises with an assessment of their market value, etc.

When will I get Canadian citizenship? Can I have dual citizenship?

You can get it if you live in Canada for 4 years. Canada and Russia recognize dual citizenship. The problem is whether he recognizes the country you left.

How much does it cost to rent an apartment/house in Toronto?

Of course, first of all it is determined by its location and the number of rooms. On average, the cost of renting an average one-bedroom apartment will be $700 SAD, with two – $850-1100 ND per month. It should be noted that this price usually includes an underground parking lot for the car, a swimming pool. The cost of renting a home starts at $1,200 SAD. You can rent a room in a house or apartment for $350-400 CAD.

How to buy a property in Canada?

In order to buy a house or apartment in a condominium you need to make 5% of the value in the form of a mortgage payment,” the rest of the amount is taken bank loan (mortgage) for 15-25 years. At the same time, along with the repayment of the loan, the bank interest is paid, which on average is 5-8% per annum.

Where can I learn English after coming to Canada?

A fairly dense network of English language courses is organized by the Ministry of Immigration of Canada. Any legally arrived immigrant can visit them for free.

What school will the children go to when they arrive in Canada? Do I have to pay tuition fees?

Children go to a regular public school with instruction in English, in classes corresponding to their age. At the same time, an intensive course of language training is being conducted. Usually adaptation in school is quite easy, as the software material in Canadian schools is served a little later relative to age compared to schools in Russia. The situation in Canadian schools is very calm, there are many immigrants and schools are fully adapted for the rapid adaptation of children. There is no need to pay for tuition in public schools.

How much does it cost to study at universities and colleges in Canada?

Canadian higher education is quite affordable. The cost of studying at universities in Canada is determined by the chosen specialty and starts from $5,000 CAD per year. For example, the cost of studying business economics at York University in Toronto is $5,000-8,000 CAD per year. For education, almost all students receive a preferential government loan.

When can I call my parents for sponsorship?

About a year after getting a job with at least one family member, you can begin the process of calling relatives on “Supervisit.” After the sponsors have been living in Canada for 3 years, it is possible to apply for permanent residency.

What rights will my parents, who came under family sponsorship, have in Canada?

All the rights of a permanent resident (Landed Immigrant), as well as the right to social housing – living in apartments with a payment approximately 3 times lower than usual.

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